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Webpage Created 22/02/07
Webpage Updated 22/06/07
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Name Dan
Location melb (VIC)
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I'm the third proud owner of a vk charger 770, original desert orange, matching nos 245 and auto.

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new stuff - done since COTM 07
added new carpet. took it out, put it in........finally done.
scored good second hand handbrake boot- fitted
sourced some Chrome Moulding to go around console - fitted.

let me know via if you want to buy some off me.

got some good second hand rear interior trims - to be painted and fitted. Will need to relocate speakers to kick panels. THis will be tricky as I'll probably have to make fatter than stock so there's enough room behind them for the speaker to sit in without cutting metal.
found a cl factory bracket to house smaller radiator overflow bottle.- to be fitted.
bought a new inlet manifold to be fitted with 350 holley
first it'll be ground out to flow better.
fronts machined, new pads, rears adjusted.
Next job new auto - mine's leaking despite some new seals.
Next, next job. She's good but not perfect. looks like i'll be spending 10grand + to get it how I want it.

Charger VK 0770

here's a quick low down on my car:

1975 Chrysler Charger VK 770 245 Auto

Always wanted a charger, had 2 chrysler by chryslers and needed something that handled and looked a bit less like a boat. Bought about 7 yrs ago from 2nd owner in Adelaide. Found after posting a wanted ad on mopar market and flying over to check it out. THANKS MM. I drove it home to Melbourne - damn I was happy.

Very original matching numbers car - not perfect - but pretty good as they go. Original desert orange colour - has been resprayed at some point. Boca Ratan interior tidy, seats original and no tears but need new door trims with carpet at base and a new carpet. I plan to keep it original, while making some suitable - read no 12 slotters- improvements.

Stuff done to date:
- Sports rims sent off and made to 15x7 rear 15x6 front. Spent a bit on quality bridgestones- chryslers need good tyres.
- fat race spec front sway bar fitted- best thing I've done.
- Halogen headlights fitted - a worthwhile mod.
- CL/CM radiator and tuned length extractors fitted prior to me buying it.
- Had a stainless twin system- swapped for single system and gained hp.
- Had head built to take unleaded and timing chain replaced. Put a better cam in it: the original had two completely worn lobes. This created a pinging problem which took 2 years n 4 mechanics to diagnose. Rebuilt original carbie.
- Installed cd, kept original radio.
- Put tacho cl dash in which is same as vk but has integrated demister switch.
- Put in correct drop down seatbelts - should've done that first.
- Had metal replaced around bottom hinge of passenger door.

Stuff still to be done:
- rebuild 245 or a 265 with better specs and / or win tatts and fit 6.1 litre fuel injected hemi. Hmmmm 6.1.
- Get a respray. Is okay to good now but y' always want better than you've got.
- Get door trims and carpet done
- Keep on driving it regularly and keep on sticking it to other plastic boring brand car drivers. Chryslers kick arse.

Questions - if you've got answers email me - THANKS
- Where can I get another light relay- I have an old 'New Era' one which needs replacing?
- Is there a place where u can source chrome stripping, the right width for the console?
- What is a good caliper upgrade for my VK brakes?
- Will be upgrading carb to rebuilt holley 350cfm - whats the best manifold, where can I get one?-
Also have a CL ute - looking for jack attachment to go into the holes next to no. plate. Where do I find this? is an independently operated mopar enthusiast Internet site and is not affiliated with or sponsored by the DaimlerChrysler Company. Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth and Mopar are registered trademarks of the DaimlerChrysler Corporation and are used here only for descriptive purposes. Copyright © 2005 Ray Webb Jnr.
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