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Our Valiants

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Webpage Created 11/07/06
Webpage Updated 11/07/06
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Name Graham and Debbie
Location Adelaide (SA)
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Here is a little information on our association with the Valiants, along with some details our our current VK and CL Valiants

Ride Articles

Our Valiants
We have owner many Valiants over the years. They include VC, and couple of VH's, VJ CM and our current VK and CL Valiants. Our VK Valiant we have owned now for 3 trouble free years. In this time, it has travelled from S.A to Queensland and back, just after we bought it, as well as plenty of kays round S.A And the only trouble we've had is watered down fuel from a servo, that stuffed the carb. We are the 3rd owners of this car. We have put a disc brake diff in, using the origional Valiant diff, stone deflectors and a reproduction claxton horn that a fellow Valiant lover found for us. We have recently put a set of 14 X 7 wide steelies with hubcaps and trims on. We did have a set of 14 X 7 and 14 X 8 dragway 5 spokes on, but they will find their way onto our recently bought X-cop car CL Valiant. This was a find in its self, sitting on someones front lawn. They were only too happy to sell it to us. This car will evently have the disc brake diff in it from our VK, as we are planning to put the VK on historic rego. We'd like to thank Woddabugger (Wayne) as he has helped in having some things repaired for our VK, as well as some valuable info to do with our VK and CL. Check out his webpage. He's got some excellent Chryslers too. The ute will be something when it's finished. We will get some pictures of our Vals added soon

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Been a while since I updated my page, so i thought it'd be best to start with the VJ I have bought.

It's an original 1 owner Regal, with a genuine 104,000 K on the clock. Originally a mate bought it from the original owner and due to circumstances he decided to off load it to me. I'm not complaining, as it's in terrific nick.

It has a single barrel 245 and auto fitted and it'll stay that way for a long time. I'm not interested in modifying something so original.

I'll put pics up of it at a later date

The Centura
I bought this KB Centura minus motor and gearbox. A mate was going to strip it for his Centura, but found another one suitable to wreck, so he passed the car along to me.

It's an original 4 speed car, so it was definately worth saving from the scrappies.

I was lucky enough to find a 265 with 15,000 K on it, since recoing. Paid the massive price of $400 for it, minus a few accessories. I also found a recoed 4 speed gearbox to suit for $395. So I consider myself very fortunate to have gotten these so cheap.

The one modification I have done is fit the Charger fuel cap to it. Definately something different and wasn't that hard to accomplish.

I did have a few headaches finding the bellhousing , sump and tailshaft to suit the Centura, but in the end managed to track these things down.

It's only been on the road for a few weeks, but in that time I've had a bellhousing break into 3 pieces, due to a uni joint letting go. I've got all that sorted now, so back to cruising.

Again, pics will be posted soon

My latest edition to the stable is a VH. Found it through the classifieds.

It started life as a single barrel 245 3 spd. Not sure who did the conversion, but it's now fitted with a 4 speed. Currently the 245 has a 2 barrel and extractors fitted. As of this update, I've only had the car a few days, so I'm still finding a few things out with it that need repairs.

Again, pics will be posted soon.

I happen to be fortunate enough now to own a VH, VJ, VK and CL. The wife has put the foot down on getting a CM, so looks like that's the end of the collecting. Bit of a shame, but I'd better not get too greedy, as all of these will keep me busy for quite a few years to come is an independently operated mopar enthusiast Internet site and is not affiliated with or sponsored by the DaimlerChrysler Company. Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth and Mopar are registered trademarks of the DaimlerChrysler Corporation and are used here only for descriptive purposes. Copyright © 2005 Ray Webb Jnr.
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