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CM Wagon Project

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Webpage Created 06/02/10
Webpage Updated 26/03/10
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Hi Viewers
This is my first foray into the world of valiants. It's been a long time coming as the old man has been into mopars for sometime & constantly tried to sway my vehicular thinking to be the same as his. Well i have finally seen the light & purchased this 81 CM Wagon from a bloke on the Gold Coast, flew up in the morning did the deal on his kitchen table & drove it home to Sydney......didn't miss a beat. As bought it was in cashmere colouring with a 245, air con but no power steering. The body is pretty well rust free & until some clown run into it in the car park dinging the rear quarter was fairly straight. Since purchasing i have transplanted a 318 at which time the whole front end was either replaced or renewed & added factory power steering.
The engine is in the process of a little modernisation replacing the elb system with all new electronic gear and edelbrock manifold with a 4bbl holley.
Future plans are to add some creature comforts to the cabin in the way of a stereo, power windows, central locking & new carpets. Once thats complete and funds allow i'd like to treat her to a new paint job.
I love driving this car it always seems to get people talking to you about when they where kids how their dad or uncle had one and all the places they use to go & how much fun they had. I hope i can carry on some of that tradition.
Hope to see you on the road.

Ride Articles

The car as bought
First 3 are as bought the 4th is with 245 out and the engine bay resprayed in light cashmere 5th the pacemaker headers

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Ride Article Ride Article Ride Article Ride Article Ride Article

The Transplant takes shape
With the 245 out was a good chance to re do the front end

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Ride Article Ride Article Ride Article Ride Article Ride Article

The 245 becomes 318
The engine re-configuration is well under way i have changed to an all in one electronic dizzy set up and added the edelbrock manifold and 4bbl holley will post pics soon

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